Chilli Beef Company

Dessert Tables

Homemade dessert & cakes  which can be designed around  a rustic or vintage theme.  

Includes the use of our log stands & cake stands with a deposit and an understanding that loss & breakages must be paid for.


Homemade Mini  Meringues

Filled with fresh cream and displayed on real logs with tumbling forest fruits a drizzling of Bluberry Sauce  and a light dusting of icing sugar (or is it fairy dust? :-))


Toadstool Cakes

Homemade in a variety of sizes from mini to muuffin size  and displayed on log stands.  A mix of plain and almond flavours and  topped royal icing and white chocolate buttons and drops.


Courting Cake

3 tiers of homemade cake, each  layer filled with piped double cream and sliced strawberries


Cheesecake Minis

Home made mini cheescakes topped with flaked milk chocolate and raspberry sauce


Salted Caramel Drip Cake 

3 tiers of homemade cake with a caramel buttercream filling and salted caramel fudge chunks in between each layer and on the top finished with a dripping  caramel sauce


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