Chilli Beef Company

Gourmet Burger & Nacho Bar

Mobile kitchen  capable of working from its own electric supply  meaning electric hook up may not be needed and  with a food hygiene rating of 5 delivering a variety of hand made  burgers in 4 main flavours made from native breed beef.


Beef & Onion Beef Burger

Sundried Tomato & Olive Beef Burger

Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper Beef Burger

Hot & Spicy Beef Burger


The burgers are then topped with either a salad & mature grated cheese  and dressing or sweet chilli con carne and a mature grated cheese.  An add on of home made red slaw & potato salad  for your event if requested in advance.



Bowls of nachos topped with  my award winning sweet chilli con carne, choose from pulled beef, chicken or mushroom (v)  sour cream, jalapenoes, fresh coriander and mature grated cheese.


Rustic Package Deal £9.50 per head

Choose gourmet burger & sides or nacho bowl and be supplied with log displays of home made toadstool cakes with royal icing & white chocolate buttons and home made meringue nests filled with forest fruits, double cream and drizzled with blueberry sauce.



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